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About Us

CatchUp is not only an advertising agency but also not just an architecture office, in fact more than that. A next-gen collective body of self-proclaimed “catchers” who integrates architecture as the art of creating space and advertising as the art of catching target audience. Yes, they are Catchers!

But what they do?
They catch ideas, seen from space, influential in the earth. The never stop by the ideas they catch, because it is as much good as their last jobs. They dream and imagine a lot. Because they know: no dream, no creative ideas. They write a story for every idea, just like everyone has a story. Some starts by loving a person, and some by a brand. They create stories deeply connecting with audience to create beloved brands. With strategy-driven analyses, they trigger brands’ reflex to catch right insights, create brand ambassadors having strong bonds with their brands.

How they do it?
Architects, planners and designers who insightfully grasp life and space with every dimensional aspects of structures and interiors, and advertising professionals who aspire to create an effects in every space that eyes can see come together, contemplate and design for your brand. And they define the most creative, aesthetic and modern concept for you.


Do you have any question?

Marketing objectives, digital experiences and printed materials.

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