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Project Brief

We knew that social media channels were very important for the brand in its journey to reach its target audience. These channels, which diversify every day, allow us to reach a wide audience with the right messages. That's why we had to aim to reach a new audience for the Polisan brand, or to bring together the existing user base with a more dynamic structure. At the same time, we had to mobilize the Polisan brand to keep up with different platforms and trends.


The Polisan brand needed a communication strategy that would establish emotional and logical closeness with its target audience. To explain how it makes lives easier with all the products and solutions it offers, in a fun and social media spirit. It was expected to create a new digital visual identity dominated by sincerity and humor.


To create concept digital communication works that appeal to different target audiences under the roof of my Home Cosmetics.


We carried out advertising activities to create customers through digital marketing.

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